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As a top-rated Real Estate Sales Broker, Mak Azad has long experience in assisting his clients for buying, selling and investing in real estate properties. He is well educated, certified, experienced and a socially responsible individual you can trust.

Since Mak Azad was studying at Jagannath University at Dhaka, Bangladesh, he discovered his passion for marketing. He started loving to help people by providing valuable information on the products they buy or sell. This leads him to become a real estate broker soon he landed in Canada.

Right after landing in Canada, he decided to become a successful real estate professional. As part of the career development, he devoted himself to learning as much about the real estate industry as possible, an endeavour that requires long hours, endless courses, and many seminars. Finally, he was certified as a real estate agent in 2009.

Soon after achieving the Broker certification, Mak knew that he needed to develop a system. A system that could create an incredible amount of exposure for his clients’ properties, giving them an attractive and competitive edge, while at the same time providing the best service possible in a professional way.

Mak Azad started his career in the real estate market in the crisis of 2008-2009, when the industry is recovering from a recession. He realized that the market will boom in a few years and if he could help people to buy properties, all will be winners. As of today, he helped more hundreds of new home buyers as of today.

Among many other real estate professionals, Mak filtered himself by his dedication to the profession, being honest to his clients, and providing after-sales services. He believes that winning a new client is just starting a new relationship that needs proper care to grow.

One of Mak’s most impressive accomplishments was being awarded Gold Cup in 2017 and 2019.

In addition to his professional activities, Mak Azad actively participates in social and cultural activities. Not only in the Bengali community, but Mak is also well-known to other communities, i.e. Srilankan, Afgan, Indian and the mainstream in the Greater Toronto Area. Mak is a great stage performer, moderator and storyteller and is famous for his smile.